Made popular 2719 days ago in Politics — Imagine being one of the 300 or so undeclared Democratic superdelegates digesting the Clinton win in Pennsylvania. Forget that the high voter turnout reflects a wish not to let these party insiders pick the nominee - they probably will. Her win makes this privileged decision of the 300 more difficult.

After spending the campaign answering questions about whether he's too green, too black, or too red (as in states where he's winning) - and now that his opponents' husband has gone purple - all Sen. Barack Obama has to do next is show that he's blue enough (of collar) to be president.

So polish that bowling ball. Polish off the last of that arugula. Make sure those shoes aren't too polished.
Many of Obama's "negatives," of course, are self-inflicted, such as his comments on "bitter" rural folk. And his past associations may yet erode his message of hope and change. But he's been relatively restrained in "going negative" compared with Clinton's recent barrage. "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen," the narrator of the recent Clinton TV ad says.

Time for some fresh life in Obamaland: "Mr. Obama was described [by aides and associates] as bored with the campaign against Mrs. Clinton and eager to move into the general election," Jeff Zeleny and Adam Nagourney write in The New York Times.

"So the Obama campaign is undertaking modifications in his approach intended to inject an air of freshness into his style. . . . Mr. Obama's advisers are also debating whethe

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Is Barack Obama a uniter or divider?
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Posted 2719 days ago
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Unfortunately, Obama would only bring about racial dissension.
Posted 2719 days ago
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So the Caucus King finds losing to be boring, huh? Well, I find his empty rhetoric to be boring, and apparently, so do many other Democratic voters!
Posted 2718 days ago
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so, you're telling me that Hillary would be a "Uniter" then? Maybe so...but the only thing she can unite and energize is the Republican party!
Posted 2718 days ago
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This isn't really a good question. Franklin Roosevelt, before he became President, was known as a staunch partisan who wouldn't budge. He became one of our greatest presidents, and I don't think anyone would look at him as a divider. That said, the race issue is already getting on my nerves, and Obama has not been elected yet. That issue stands to divide, whether the candidate himself does or not.
Posted 2717 days ago
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He is a divider becasue he has his surrogates do the "dirty" business. He is bored with this camapign?? WOW....there is leadership quality. he makes negative statements about middle America and attempts to spin it as "mangled" words, yet he is very articulate in his speech making. His associations are extremely questionable making his judgements poor and full of inexperience. The Wright issue should have taught us that he can not make decisions that may be difficult quickly and for the good of all. He still demonstrates a preference for the African american community rather than a uniter of both. AND i think he is his favorite concern. He only spoke against Rev. Wright when Rev. Wright disrespected Obama publicly. He never said anything different than he had been saying. I think the alliance and the beleif system runs deep. AND he refuses to answer the difficult questions which further divides. AND he is BORED???? That says a lot!! I vote for Hillary!!
Posted 2716 days ago
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Let's not kill the messenger. Barack Obama is speaking very cooly and thoughtfully on some hot topics. I am saddened by how many people, when they hear outrageous misinterpretations of Obama, and yes, even of Rev. Wright, take it personally. I am never personally offended when remarks about the U.S. history of racism and opression is aired. I know I have felt my share of racism, I was raised that way. I know I have done whatever I can to overcome these feelings, including and especially airing my feelings with trusted friends of all races. I think Obama has his work cut out for him. If anyone is up to such a great task it is him. And uniting us is very related to bringing us to peace.
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