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blog.washingtonpost.com — That has been the main talking point from Hillary Clinton's campaign since her victory in Pennsylvania last week. By almost any measure, she met expectations in the Keystone State, after exceeding them in Ohio and in the popular vote in Texas. Her campaign grabbed hold of those results to push back talk that she should quit the race.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama has faced more bad news over his relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The controversy over Wright's views and whether Obama did enough soon enough to break with his pastor has added enormously to the pressure on him to use next Tuesday's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina to demonstrate that he has fought his way through the troubles.

There are signs that the multiple controversies that have hit Obama over the past weeks are hurting his candidacy, both for the nomination and for the general election. A CBS-New York Times poll shows an erosion of confidence in his ability to prevail in the nomination battle, despite the clear advantages he enjoys against Clinton. Doubts about his values and his patriotism have grown in the past two months, adding to potential concerns about how he would fare in the general election.

Nor has the full weight of the Wright controversy played itself out. Obama's effort Tuesday to denounce his former pastor still leaves unanswered questions about the impact Wright had on him and his judgment in not doing more to step away from the pastor's influence. Obama decided Wright was enough of a problem that he did not want him delivering the invocation at his announcement in February 2007. Did he hope to avoid the whole question by pushing his pastor to the side? How seriously did he regard his pastor's transgressions at that time?

The Clinton campaign seized Thursday on a round of new polls to drive their argument that the tide is turning. During a conference call with reporters, the Clinton officials cited new Quinnipiac University surveys from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida to argue that Clinton is now stronger than Obama in a race against McCain in those three critical swing states.

The surveys show Obama and McCain essentially tied in Florida and Ohio, while Clinton leads the presumptive Republican nominee in both. In Pennsylvania, both Clinton and Obama run ahead of McCain but Clinton's lead is in the double digits, while Obama's is not.

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A Tipping Point for Barack Obama - or Just a Dip?
Tipping Point
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Itt does not matter to me what the polls say or about Rev. Wright, Obama will be my President and if not, I vote McCain
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Hillary should quit now and before she starts the crying game again, like she did in NH
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