The Demise of Hillary
Made popular 2758 days ago in Opinion — Internally, some advisers concede Clinton has lost; A superdelegate in Clinton-won district seems poised to back Obama

"To all intents and purposes the race for the Democratic nomination is over," popular pollster John Zogby writes in a column for the BBC. "My understanding is that probably today, but certainly within 48 hours, about 30 super-delegates will endorse Mr Obama. That should give him further momentum."

The New York Times Thursday said that top Clinton fundraisers had internally declared Clinton's bid "all but over."

As adamant as Mrs. Clinton appeared on Wednesday, several advisers said that how long she would stay in the race was an open question. Some top Clinton fund-raisers said that the campaign was all but over and suggested that she was simply buying time on Wednesday to determine if she could raise enough money and still win over superdelegates, the elected officials and party leaders who could essentially hand Mr. Obama the nomination.

Highlighting the financial woes of Mrs. Clinton's expensive battle against Mr. Obama, campaign officials disclosed that the $6 million in loans she made to her campaign had come in three installments since April 11, with the last two since May 1. Mrs. Clinton and her husband made a separate $5 million loan to the campaign after the Feb. 5 contests.

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Who do you blame for the demise of Hillary Clinton's Democratic Nomination?
Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
Republican Party
Democratic Party
The Media
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nearly all the reasons apply. The fact that all other candidates dropped out before Super Tuesday was a real problem. Edwards would have stolen a lot of votes from Obama. The media bias was clearly visible all the time and the media was only hitting on her, instead of all the candidates.

Money is another issue, since Obama's fundraising juggernaut is a sight to behold. He is killing her like an anaconda.

Her initial stragegy was wrong. The inevitability angle was desasterous. She should have emphasised her bipartisan work more and should have stayed focused on the issues more. Her voting record is far better than his.

But let's face it, the Democratic Party takes sexism lightly, while they are afraid of racism. The teflon coating of Obama is the political correctness and that will end soon, because Republicans don't care for that.

But Cinton found her angle as a fighter and she will be strong in the remaining contests, especially if Obama is bored and does not put enough energy into it. I think that she can make another comeback
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Several of the above apply. The media has demonstrated a huge bias toward Obama. There are no more reporters, just biased people stating their own prejudices. AND everyone seems so afraid of being labeled a racist, they will not confront issues or morals or values of Obama. BUT it is OK to demonstrate sexism. Money has been an issue, but the Obama machine states he wants nothing to do with Wall Street, but wants to address main street. Reality is he gets a large portion of his monies from Wall street. And the special interest groups he says he is against. We are going to be in for a rough 4 years if he is the nominee for the Democratic Party. AND SHAME on the Democratic Party for letting all of this happen.
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Very well stated Wackiekat2 and bish66. I have wondered the same thing....where are all the reporters? Is this America? Clinton is a very strong candidate and should stay to the end. McCain will have a tougher time against Hillary.....but he will obliterate
Obama....what will the media say than....I think we all will be Clintons fault for Obama's lost......of course....Hillary you have nothing to lose...the media will blame you,
Let's get the strongest democrat in ...Hillary Clinton!
Posted 2754 days ago
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It's not sexism bish66 that prevents your candidate from being the nominee: a lot of people simply do not trust or like that woman. Are there sexists people that won't vote for her simply because she's a woman, yes, but the majority of the ones who won't are not for sexist reason but ethical ones.

I would vote for a woman, if there were one that was ethical and trustworthy running, but unfortunately there's not.
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