Clinton Vows to Fight, but Allies
Made popular 2669 days ago in Opinion — All the feisty talk from Sen. Hillary Clinton and her campaign advisers Wednesday couldn't dispel the growing perception among Democrats that the party's presidential race is nearly over, and that Sen. Barack Obama is going to be the winner.

Tuesday's dual primaries technically yielded a split decision, as expected. But once Democrats grasped the final results - Sen. Clinton's near-loss in Indiana's primary, where she recently was heavily favored, and her larger-than-expected defeat in North Carolina - the New York senator took on the air of a loser, even to many of her own supporters.

"The air is completely let out of them," said first-term Rep. Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania, who is uncommitted to either candidate, referring to the Clinton supporters among his congressional colleagues. "They are resigned to the fact that it's probably not going to work out."

Suddenly, a primary day that few expected to be decisive in the Democrats' long and close contest was interpreted on all sides as a game-changer. The first female with a serious shot at a major party's nomination, and election to the presidency, appeared to have fallen irrevocably behind, giving way to the first African-American likewise considered a viable contender for the same goal.

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Posted 2670 days ago
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In a matchup with McCain, Clinton would win the state, according to polls. She appeals to rural and conservative voters in all the states, so she should do well hin West Virginia.

I don't think that Obama will campaign hard in that state, especially since he already sees himself as the winner and since he never expected to do well in that state. He would lose the state with a large margin to McCain in November, thus sealing the defeat of his presidental bid.

I hope that she wins really big to wake up people.
Posted 2669 days ago
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Hillary Clinton is by far the most qualified candidate of the 3 . her supporters MUST not lose faith. She will prevail. We will not let hussein be stuffed down our throats. We will not vote for him, we will leave the Dem party by the millions. The Dems better seat Florida and MI, fairly BEFORE the convention or suller the wrath of the oassionate Hillary supporters. We are the ones who have volunterred and run the party from its inception. The treatment of Hillary has been unpresedented and we not EVER forget. We do not and NEVER will accept this flawed, arrogant, terrorist freiendly, racist punk as our president. You want a fight in Denver? Here's looking @'s fouth quarter and WE are Kansas, not memphis...HILLARY 2008
Posted 2669 days ago
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Voices are waiting to be heard and voters to vote! Let's let it all happen. Hillary is in the race until there is a nominee, thank you!!! It is not the business of journalists or anyone else to tell Hillary what and when about her race. She has jillions of us supporters who are encouraging her to stay in the race. We lend our voices, our money, our prayers, and we blog for her in order to offset commentaries such as this one.

Posted 2669 days ago
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The pundits did it again, putting pressure on Hillary to quit. It was expected BO would win North Carolina and Indiana was the battleground. Hillary won Indiana, yet the pundits do not see it that way. They want to dictate who the people should vote and who should become the 44th President. It is not their job but the people's job. Their job is to report facts without prejudice. Dean and the DNC has failed me. I just can not see myself voting for an arrogant, egoistic, radical BO. Since the DNC has failed me, I am voting for the candidate who best offers the solution to our country's crises, and not for the party. Hillary Clinton is the best candidate of the three and I will write her as my candidate in the general election if DNC ignores the will of the people. Count MI and Florida now!
Posted 2668 days ago
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McCain has opened his big mouth again even though he said he will fight clen. The man is crazier that Bush ever was. He is niow saying something that Hamas likes Obama. What an old jerk! He is most liked by those terrorists because he sends money to keep this illegal war going . The Saudi, Iran and Iraq are using the money for themselves. McCain is a terrorist symphatizer!
Posted 2668 days ago
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I saw her go by my Street today ( LAUGHING) The only advantage for her is that she can lose some weight on her BUTT. It is kind of large!
Posted 2668 days ago
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I am an older white lady, and even though she won in my state of MASS. I and many others voted Obama. So, I say, What the hell is she talking about?
She is racist and getting worse lately.
Posted 2668 days ago
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Before she can wake up anyone....she needs to wake up and stop being in denial. The math has spoken. She has clearly lost this race......the supers are lining up on Obama side. She had made herself clear....if she loses she will try to bring the party down with her. The Dems are not about to let that happen....the will and can drop her like it's hot. Look, they're already deserting her. You Hillary supporter need to stop hating and support the winner of the nomination or suffer 4 more years of McCain. If you chose to support McCain (which I don't think will happen) you will only be hurting yourself over being selfish because you wanted something that was not going to be.
Posted 2667 days ago
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Obama / Rezko, Obama / Ayers, Obama / Wright, Obama / Marxism

Why will he not put his hand over his chest when the National Anthem is playing?

He says he is a uniter....hmm seems like I have heard that somewhere before...oh yeah, George Bush & Co.

Obama: the master of misdirection, the pied piper, the magician of Illinois.

Senator HIllary Clinton: Our next Commander in Chief, Our next President of the United states.

They allies are not wavering.
Posted 2666 days ago
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We still have Hillary's back and she will prevail! Remember Hillary, "a winner never quits and a quitter never wins". I saw you Friday in Louisville, KY at the JJD and you were even more exciting than usual. The welcome you received there should speak volumes to you regarding how much we, and the rest of America, need you to be President. The happiest of Mother's Day to you and to all of you other Mom's reading this post. May the saints preserve "US" all.
Posted 2665 days ago
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What are we Democrats trying to do, lose by putting Obama in as our nominee? Does the Democrat Party really fear women power that much that we prefer to lose rather than nominate Hillary? Rest assured there are millions of "US" who will not support Obama no matter what Hillary asks us to do. This is a dark time for the Democrats if, we continue on this path. Think voters and superdelegates before we get beat!!!
Posted 2653 days ago
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ITS amazing how the RATS jump ship in a tough fight.Instead of standing up for SEN.CLINTON as real supporters should until its over.HER socalled super delagate supporters have used every excuse from nasty campaigning to,Oh she's gone to far,to BILL made a bad comment.Know one will address the real reason OBAMA has done so well, because its politically correct to support a black man.Plus every news outlet has supported OBAMA FROM DAY ONE.When OBAMA or his family made a booboo the media explained what he really meant to say,or what she meant about not being proud to be an AMERICAN.Besides Hillary Clinton will beat John McCain.
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