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realclearpolitics.com — By the time Hillary Clinton figured out how to beat Barack Obama, it was too late. When she began the race in 2007 thinking she was in for a coronation, she claimed the center in order to position herself for the real fight, the general election. She simply assumed the party activists and loony left would fall in behind her.

However, as Obama began to rise, powered by the party's Net-roots activists, she scurried left, particularly with her progressively more explicit renunciation of the Iraq War. It was a fool's errand. She would never be able to erase the stain of her original war vote and she remained unwilling to do an abject John Edwards self-flagellating recantation. It took her weeks even to approximate the apology the left was looking for, and by then it was far too late. The party's activist wing was by then unbreakably betrothed to Obama.

But going left proved disastrous for Clinton. It abolished all significant policy differences between her and Obama, the National Journal's 2007 most liberal senator. On health care, for example, her attempts to turn a minor difference in the definition of universality into a major assault on Obama fell flat. With no important policy differences separating them, the contest became one of character and personality. Matched against this elegant, intellectually nimble, hugely talented newcomer, she had no chance of winning that contest.

She tried everything. Her charges that he was a man of nothing but words came off as a petulant, envious attack on eloquence. The power to inspire may not be sufficient to qualify for the presidency, but it is hardly a liability.

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I think the results will most certainly show how flawed Obama is among Whites constituencies.
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Why is the press so anit-Hillary? Does anyone have a clue? I don't, she is the best of what is running. Also, why is so many turning away from Hillary? What is really going on behind closed doors? There is something fishy about supporters of Hillary changing at the last minute. I am sure it is not Hillary that has done anything wrong. I would just like to know the truth, because she has won in the states that is needed in the general election. Obama can not win them. Too many of the democrates that voted for her will either vote for McCain or just not vote. I think the super delegates know this. I hope they are paying attention.
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The press has selected Obama and are pushing him every chance they get. The Super Delegates are getting steamrolled and lack the courage to stand firm. When defeated in November, the SD's will say they went with "the people" and should be reelected for doing that. Democrats are the only party that protects their office holders from the party members. They understand that their is no party but a collection of single-issue zealots who care for nothing but one issue.
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As has been reported that Senator Clinton is expected to win WVA by a large number. At this point the margin of victory WILL NOT MATTER. In order for her to overtake Senator Obama all numbers note that she would need 78 to 80% in the remaining 6 states. There is no way that she'll do this and with the trickle to full flow, Senator Obama is gaining superdelegates each and every day. As of today he leads Senator - Superdelegate wise by 4.5 more. Many project the after 20 May, the election will be OVER. The votes in WVA is just numbers and they won'y matter. Many analyst project that both candidates will split the remaining 6 states - so there goes the 78-80% out the window for the senator from NY??????? Oh, one last thing - Clinton has alot of baggage and the "Washington Post" reported today that she wants to complete her health care program that she started in 93-94. I guess that she also wants to save and continue NAFTA so more American jobs are lost, etc., etc.
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Charles43, I think you're right nothing does matters, its part of this perception the media has created. I guess maybe she would have to win West Virginia by 100% before someone would realize the truth or even report it. I don't think I've ever seen an election of that sort, or maybe I've followed it too close. Everywhere I turn it seemed the media handled him with white gloves. I wonder if he will get the same treatment when he faces off against McCain.
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Vote for Hillary, the candidate who can win in November and deliver real solutions. Our Democratic Party has not vetted him at all. Obama is only our party's elitest far left wing "golden boy" not the rest of "US. Say states and Puerto Rico left to vote, thank you for now recognizing Hillary for her strengths, not her gender. Remember, it is not too late, despite what the pundits, etc. are saying. Let's save America the land that we love not, necessarily the Democratic Party. If Hillary doesn't get the nomination please either encourage her to start a new party or, if she must remain loyal to the Democrat Party that has thumped her and Bill, write-in her name on the ballot. She may very well win if we all do just do that. Also, as soon as I vote in the KY primary on May 20th, I'm going to go directly and change from a life-long Democrat (55) to Independent. I have had it with our Party. Rise, Hillary, Rise and stay in to the end because Obama will be exposed for the real "empty and dangerous suit" he is. Keep the faith Hillary supporters. We can still do this and save America the land we love, not the Democratic Party.
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