Clinton's Hollow But Ominous Victory in West
Added 2635 days ago in Society & Religion — Hillary Clinton didn't just beat Barack Obama last night in West Virginia - she walloped him with a 41-point lead. She won every age group, income level, ideological stripe, and gender. (She probably didn't win black people, but there aren't really any black people in West Virginia, so that doesn't count.) At the same time, those who believe in math have already decided that Clinton can't win the nomination, so last night's victory may not matter beyond boosting Clinton's pride. Obama, though, has still clearly not connected with white, working-class voters, despite drinking many beers. If he really is the nominee, as still seems likely, he may be facing some daunting challenges.

Read pundits review and meaning of West Virginia win.

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What do you believe Superdelegates fear the most?
The First African American Candidate denied the nomination
Losing the Presidential race to John McCain
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Posted 2635 days ago
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Party leaders and Superdelegates need to wake up, one thing is for certain they are not doing what the system provided them to do. Superdelegate system was created exactly for this purpose.
Posted 2635 days ago
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Clinton victory in West Virginia only amount to a 12 point gain. Obama at present still leads in pledged delegates. West Virginia is a "Redneck state and still believe their still in the times of Deliverance - Honk. Honk. 94% or so are "White who fall witin incomes less than 50K per year. There is no way that an African-American has a chance to win any election. Getting back to the point, no matter how you do the math - giving Clinton big margins in both KT and PR and Obama winning in OR, MT, and SD, she still will be behind over 200 delegates short of Obama totals. Without any adding anymore super-delegates, Obama will be about 30-45 delegates short. Today, even after Clinton's win, two more Super-delegates moved to Obama's count. The water pipe is dripping and after next Tuesdays elections (KT and OR), the water WILL be fast moving (more super-delegates moving to his total delegate totals). If Clinton - and I say if - she pulls the nomination off (after doing so back-door arm twisting, etc.), she has already hurt the democrat party. The African-American will go the Senator McCain - Move of a Clinton back at you action. The democrats can not win without this important vote. Oh yea, I'm white
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What is it that the democrats want? A feel-good moment, when the first African American candidate is announced, followed by a crushing defeat, commented with "He ran a spirited campaign"?

Or do they want to go with the "evil witch" who knows how to fight and knows how to throw a punch and is the last (wo)man standing? In a knofe fight, I want Hillary by my side, because I am sure that she would know a trick or two to win.
Obama would say "now waiiwaiwai daminute, I mean, can't we, why can't we just, you know, talk about arggggg...."

You simply can't win in liberal and black votes and as a democrat, you can't win on the red states. You need the blue one's and you need the white voters and the blacks. Obama only has the black ones and that is why he will lose all the swing states and all the red states, and will have a heard time to win the blue ones.

I mean, this guy had the Governor on Massachusetts, both senators, their combined machine, loads of money, the mayor of Boston and still he lost the most liberal state in the union by 15 (!!) points to Hillary, who had no endorsement worth mentioning, no money, no oganisation.

The task of the superdelegates is to evaluate the candidates and consider the chances of winning in November. Obama is a huge risk. just take a look at the three by-election. Obama supported the one from his home state and the candidate won.
The candidates from Louisiana and Mississippi, both states that Obama won in the primaries with large margins, moved as far away from Obama as was possible without physically leaving the USA.

With Obama as candidate, the Democratic party will go down in a big way, because half of Clinton's supporters will either vote McCain or stay at home.

The country was and is always divided and so is the democratic party. Read Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie about his journey through America during the Kennedy-Nixon election fight. Even back then, the country was divided.

The Superdelegates have the hard choice of taking Clinton and alienating some black voters (but they are the most loyal of all voters, so 75% will turn up and vote for Clinton) and win big, or take the easy option and take Obama and lose. Florida is already gone and so are Michigan and West Virginia, Kentucky and Oregon are soon to follow. Swing states will not swing, red states will remain red and a Republican remains in the White House.
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loaded question?
Posted 2634 days ago
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needs more options
Posted 2634 days ago
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Obama is limping into this nomination because the PRESUMPTIVE NOMINEE is not supposed to LOSE primaries, especially by 41%! I don't care what state it is!

This will happen again in WV and Puerto Rico, and he may lose another state.

They will not give it to Hillary (even though she will win the popular vote) because they won't take it away from the black candidate.
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It has been painfully clear from the beginning that the DNC and the media have backed Obama. Every time anyone asks a question of Obama they get labeled a racist. If anyon presses him on his policies, they get labeled a racist. Obama has successfully used the race card at every step and turned it around. Now, the Blacks are threatening a iot if Obama is not elected and the DNC is buying it. The american people and the superdelegates have been held hostage by the fear of racism and that is how we want to view the future? Scary times. again, Obama has been the most divisive candidate to ever have run for the Presidency.
Posted 2634 days ago
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Wackiekat2, i couldn't agree more! Obama is the most divisive candidate to ever have run for the Presidency. He divides the Democrats into black and white, old and young, college-educated and without education, male and female.

Right now, he is under the protection of this stupid political correctness BS, but that protective force field that so far shielded him against all attacks is about to come down. as soon as he is the candidate. That will be the starting signal for the media to attack him like you have never seen before.

McCain and the Republicans don't care much for the black vote. The Republican strongholds in the middle and the west have little to no black voters (if you are not sure about what states I am talking about, look at the states where Obama won his advantage in Febuary) and the red states in the south may have sizable black voting numbers, but Obama would lose even the blackest of the red states such as Mississippi or Alabama. Worse that that, Clinton would do better in these two states than Obama!!!

The Democratic party wanted to make history and I guess that they now have the feeling "Okay, we made a mistake, but we will stick by that mistake until the bitter end, because we don't want to lose our face."

Message to the DNC: you already lost your face and you are only making it worse every single day.
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