Born gay? How biology may drive
Made popular 3034 days ago in Health — There are people who can "cure" you of your sexual orientation. If you are a woman, your eyes will no longer linger on tall, dark, musclebound Lotharios. If you are a man, your heart will no longer flutter at the sight of a plunging cleavage or a smooth thigh - instead it will thump into action at the glimpse of a broad, taut torso or a neatly trimmed moustache.

Science has so far trodden carefully in the controversial debate about whether gays are born or made. Disparate pieces of evidence - such as homosexuality running in families, and identical twins having more similar sexual preferences than ordinary siblings - have long suggested that biology rather than upbringing shapes sexual preference. Now two researchers are throwing out the caveats in an attempt to "out" the bald scientific truth: we are born either straight or gay and nothing can be done to make us otherwise.

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Is one born gay or made gay?
Born gay by biology
Made gay by choice
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