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cnn.com — Sen. John McCain said the system in Washington "cries out for bipartisanship" and pushed his record as a reformer in Tuesday's presidential debate.

He and Sen. Barack Obama were asked how voters could trust either one of them to fix the economy when both parties contributed to the financial crisis.

Obama said "while it is true that nobody is completely innocent here, we have had over the last eight years the biggest increases in deficit spending and national debt in our history."

Obama said the country is in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression as he began his second presidential debate with Sen. John McCain.

He blamed President Bush and McCain for the crisis, saying they had worked to "strip away regulation."

McCain proposed having the government buy up and renegotiate bad home loans to stabilize the property market. Video

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Who won the presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee?
Barack Obama
John McCain
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I can't vote, I don't like either. I just turned the replay on and Obama said that we need to financially support Latvia and other former soviet states. He is as out of touch as McCain. We don't have money for European countries. He doesn't understand the impact of our economy. He thinks that will just print money out of thin air.....
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Obama also doesn't know that if your child can get accepted to many good schools (Stanford, Ivy league schools, etc.) and they make $60 K or less, they can get in for free.

Sorry but Obama knows as little as Palin and McCain is too vague....
They both lost the debate.
You better saves your money for the next four years...
Posted 2606 days ago
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Who's the better of two evils?
Posted 2606 days ago
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they both amount to losing money and lives. I can't choose.
We need to stop policing and aiding the world and we need to fix our economy from the ground up if need be,
Posted 2606 days ago
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It is not difficult to do some deep research and find out about McCain. His father was an Admiral, his grandfather was an Admiral.....they both were respected men and did their jobs well. However, Mr. McCain messed up so much in the military and school that his relatives had to bail him out time and time again. The main has ten cars, twelve houses and is worth approximately 150 million dollars. Men imprisoned with him say they rarely saw him and when they did he appeared well fed and even happy. Obama isn't perfect but he's brilliant and a little cocky.....Good!, we need someone that is not only intelligent but has the balls to not be violent as America and Americans have been perceived for so very long. We've had a cocky president for eight years but one that is cocky in the wrong way, in the "im gonna beat you up" way so my buddies in the industry can profit from me killing our own men and women in the armed forces way. Disgusting.
As far as I'm concerned Obama has killed anyone thus far and realizes we need environmental change now as well as an understanding that rushing to war judgement is flawed and dangerous for America and its allies.
Please go do the research on McCain and think about it before you go gentle into that good night and just push the republican button because you think you're supposed to... when you do something that isn't selfish and for your country you'll realize we'll go forward in more ways than one and have more trust worldwide because of it.
Vote your way.
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I'd say it was a tie. Obama stole more time and responded less to the actual questions. Both blamed each other. Obama was a lot about "we", while McCain was more about "I". Since they both are running for President, I feel that "I" is more important than "we", because, as soon as elected, there is no more "we", unless when it comes to foot the bill.
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McCain wants to keep the tax cuts and does not want to raise anybody's taxes. This is going to be tricky. Paying for it will be tricky.

Obama wants to give a tax credit to 95% of Americans, tax breaks to the Middle Class, says he does not want to raise taxes on anybody making less than $200.000 and he wants to give health care to every American and he wants to give money away to Poland, Georgia, Latvia, Pakistan, and $860 billion in NEW spendings.
How is he going to pay for that?
Taxing the remaining 5% of the country.
Taxing small businesses.
Extra taxing people who make more than $200.000.
Fining people who refuse to buy into his government health care plan.
But mostly taxing the 5% of the country.

This will not work. The 5% know the loop holes, they know how to work around the system. And if the loopholes are closed, they will go to countries that offer a better tax plan for them. Like Switzerland where wealthy foreigners can chose their tax bracket. Or Monaco. Some countries in the Carribean or Latin America will be pleased to offer good deals for these people and that money will leave the system.

If you try to put the burden on the upper 5% in an effort to redistribute the wealh of America, the 5% will leave and take with them the wealth of America.
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