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latimes.com — Obama's Supreme Court nominee has little record on issues related to Roe vs. Wade.

Reporting from Washington - President Obama's nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court has provoked concern among abortion-rights advocates, who say they have seen no evidence that she supports upholding Roe Vs. Wade.

Unlike most finalists for the court opening, Sotomayor has never ruled on abortion or taken a public position in favor of abortion rights.

In her only abortion-related decision, she did not come down the way abortion-rights groups would have liked: In 2002, Sotomayor rejected a challenge to President Bush's "Mexico City policy," which required foreign groups receiving U.S. funds to pledge that they did not support or promote abortion. Republican presidents have adopted the policy in executive orders, while Democrats, including President Obama, have repealed it.

Sotomayor spoke for a three-judge panel that upheld the policy as constitutional. The government "is free to favor the antiabortion position over the pro-choice position and can do so with public funds," she said.

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Paradoxically, "Pro-Lifers" (on abortion) are loud advocates of the death penalty. They're pro-life when there is still debate about whether the zygote is human, but are pro-death when the person is a full, living adult. Figure that one out.
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