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politico.com — Sotomayor (Princeton '76), the words in question came from 2001, a single sentence on the final page of a speech that has emerged as an issue in her nomination: "I would hope that a wise Latina woman, with the richness of her experiences, would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life," she said.

Friends, classmates, and Judge Sotomayor herself say that sense of racial identity as a central political category - and of her own place on the stage as not just a wise judge, but as a wise Latina - were formed in the unlikely crucible of Princeton.

It's where she was the moderate leader of a Puerto Rican activist group, and where she graduated with the school's highest honors based in part on her activism. One friend from the time, Joe Schubert, dismissed the notion of Sotomayor as a student radical as "laughable."

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Is racial identity for a judge a value added quality or a form of racism?
Value added experience and richness
A form of Racism that is not needed in a court room
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I couldn't care less if she knows her race. It's when races start thinking they are better and acting out with hate and intolerance that there is a problem. She has stated "a latino (mexican) woman can make a better decision than a white (gringo) man". That was uncalled for and she is a racist!!!
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Our heritage is naturally embedded in us. That's the melting pot.
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Her statements would not be acceptable from a white male. The media, the liberals, the NAACP and every other group would be demanding his withdrawal.
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Direct quote from P2bA's comment in the Ahmedinejad poll: "The next leader will also be a muslim piece of shit and will continue the reign of terror that only they are good at!"

Is the above not racist? Is it not hateful and intolerant? Doesn't the above and a whole host of other statements like "Muslims are vile" make YOU a racist?
Posted 2317 days ago
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Another direct P2bA quote: "Oh yeah!! lets keep defending all the Muslim scum!!"

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