Two sides to Sonia
Made popular 2372 days ago in Opinion — Reporting from Washington and Princeton, N.J. - It did not take long after moving 60 miles from the ethnically diverse neighborhoods of the Bronx to the campus of Princeton University for Sonia Sotomayor to make it clear she was not happy with the way the overwhelmingly white, male school was run.

In her sophomore year, Sotomayor walked into the office of university President William G. Bowen to demand more Latino faculty and students. Not satisfied with his response, she and others filed a complaint with the federal government, accusing the school administration of "an institutional pattern of discrimination."

"The facts imply and reflect the total absence of regard, concern and respect for an entire people and their culture," she wrote in the Daily Princetonian.

Sotomayor, considered a brilliant student, graduated summa cum laude from the Ivy League school in 1976. While there, she was a passionate advocate for minorities and displayed an intense interest in her heritage: Her parents had moved to New York from Puerto Rico before she was born.

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Will Sotomayor turn out to be the GOP's gift, just as Souter was the Democrats gift?
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Sotomayor is going to be a Pro-Choice NIGHTMARE. Everything about her is biased on the good and the bad.
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Being that she's Hispanic and a catholic she'll be a stunner to the Democratic party. She'll definitely disappoint.
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GOP better shut up and fall in love with her in that case
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