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politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com — WASHINGTON (CNN) - President Obama may hold the title of commander-in-chief, but on Saturday he donned another cap: Soccer dad.

The president, dressed in jeans and a navy polo shirt, and first lady Michelle Obama ventured from the White House to watch daughter Malia's soccer team - the Tsunamis - take to the field, according to pool reports. For the record: Malia's team won.

The first couple, known for having weekend date nights, later made a visit Saturday night to New York City for what the White House is calling a personal visit. The New York Times reports that the Obamas are seeing the Broadway show, "Joe Turner's Come and Gone."

According to a White House spokesperson, Obama said he was taking his wife to the Big Apple "because I promised her during the campaign that I would take her to a Broadway show after it was all finished."

Instead of taking the larger Air Force One plane for their trip north, the Obamas took a smaller plane, a G-3, which became Air Force One once he boarded.

The press traveled in a separate aircraft, a G-5, and a G-3 carried White House support staff, according to the pool report.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest cites "efficiency" - as in fuel efficiency - as the reason the big plane is staying in the hanger and the smaller planes are being utilized, the pool report said.

But not everyone is excited about the NYC trip.

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Do yo think the presidential family (The Obamas) should have gone out on a date during a recession?
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Can you imagine the cost of Air Force One and his security, Remember the fly-over. That was about $365,000, no security, not helicopter, no cars. They could have stayed in D.C., or kept the Broadway for a time when he happens to be in New York.
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Think of the disruption the "date" caused the city and the expenses the NYC taxpayers will have to cover.
The President isn't able to "go out".
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I don't have a problem with it, but, I don't think they should have spent thousands of taxpayers dollars to do it. they could have done something far less expensive and saved the trip they made for a time when he saves the world! Which is coming soon I am sure! Of course when he pays for his chicago pizza chef to come to the whitehouse to bake his family and the staff a few of his favorite pizzas what difference does it make. He is just another black family taking full advantage of the taxpayers! I am not surprised!!
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Proud 2B, your racism is showing !
Apparently, the Obama's should NOT have taken the SMALL CORPORATE sized jet they did take, and instead flown AF1 to some hick town in Texas to cut brush. I didn't see any of you complaining about that back then. EVEN when he went and cut brush instead of heeding the many warnings about Osama Ben Ladin and hijacked airplaines, and Arabs taking flight instruction (under the watchful eye of FBI) and forming a cohesive anti terror organization within his administration. INSTEAD, he went on vacation and had ZERO meetings about the threat prior to the event.
Actually, the cost is not nearly the point, but, the image is, and the economic lift given to that area and ongoing as a result will pay off in the long range.
Let's face the fact; none of you would approve of anything Obama does even when you benefit from it.
Like the lady interviewed at a "teaparty". She was there do protest the "socialism" of Obama, and when asked if she took a day off or was unemployed or what, she replied that "She was on social security and disability compensation" ! UM, lady, those are um,,,socialistic programs and she had also received a tax cut in the days prior the party.
So, just to be clear, these are people that are anti Obama regardless of his works and successes. They pray for him to fail so they can be right, even if that means more suffering for America.

I suggest you refer yourselves back to the Reagans and their many ROYAL balls. Cost as a factor, puhlease.

And the "fly over",,,as I recall, Obama was flyin the plane, right? what? OH, you mean that one time where the guy LOST HIS JOB FOR POOR JUDGEMENT? That time?
What will it take to absolve him of that other mans judgement? I know, NOTHING will do it for YOU. So hang onto your little point, while we add up the entire cost of Iraq for YOUR guy to gain ,,,,,WHAT? And never added it to his budgets, and even then never came close to balancing one, while knowing he was holding out a gigantic cost as if it was a surprise.
Maybe the Dems, should rename the GOP as the DISINGENUOUS party.
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