GM Execs Admit Errors, See Turnaround In 3
Made popular 2279 days ago in Politics — General Motors chief executive Fritz Henderson said Tuesday that the sale of the Hummer brand will save jobs, as another senior executive said the automaker can return to profitability within "two to three years."

Henderson and Chief Financial Officer Ray Young spoke to NPR a day after GM was forced to file for bankruptcy amid a government plan to infuse an additional $30 million to help recapitalize the struggling company.

GM announced Tuesday that it had reached a tentative agreement to sell its gas-guzzling Hummer brand but did not name the proposed buyer or the price.

"We are pleased to be able to find this solution," Henderson said. "We think we will be able to bring this to closure and protect the Hummer brand."

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Beginning of the end or a new beginning for GM?
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Once again, as long as the government is the owner, then it will never be the same!
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You're right there, P2BA. Twice in our nation's history the railroads were failing under private ownership. The government stepped in, took over, got them back in the black, and handed them back to private hands. There is an article on it here:
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GM will become the "U.S. postal service agency" seperate entity but owned and operated by the government.
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