Congress Sends Obama Bill to Regulate
Made popular 2356 days ago in Society & Religion — By a 3 to 1 margin, the House of Representatives today approved a bill passed by the Senate yesterday that gives the federal government sweeping new powers to regulate tobacco.

President Obama hailed the bipartisan votes in Congress on the bill, which he said "truly defines change in Washington." He said he looks forward to signing it into law.

"This is the day when Americans can begin to truly kick the habit, with the full force of our laws marshaled to protect consumers, and especially our young people," said Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), a key sponsor of the House version of the bill.

"We've known for years, even decades, about the harmful, addictive and often deadly effects of tobacco products," he said. "Each year, Americans pay nearly $100 billion in added health care costs due to smoking. Each day, about 1,000 young people under the age of 18 become regular smokers."

For the $89 billion tobacco industry, it will mean new requirements to disclose the ingredients in cigarettes and other tobacco products, as well as severe limitations on how they are advertised and promoted. The government could also issue new rules on nicotine content, flavorings and other product features.

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