Millionaire tax seen unlikely in Senate health
Made popular 2329 days ago in Business — A U.S. House bill's proposed tax on wealthy Americans to help pay for broader healthcare insurance is unlikely to be in the Senate's version of legislation to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system, a senior Democrat told Reuters on Wednesday.

"I don't think that is going to be part of the Senate Finance Committee's proposal," Kent Conrad, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, said in a brief interview before a meeting of committee Democrats. Conrad is chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.

The Senate Finance Committee has been meeting privately to prepare healthcare reform legislation. On Tuesday, the House unveiled its plan, which would create a public insurance option to compete with private companies, penalize employers that do not offer health insurance and tax the wealthiest Americans to help pay for the changes.

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If you had to chose what tax would increase to pay for Health Care Reform?
Corporate Taxes
Wealthy Tax Payers
All tax payers
VAT National Sales Tax
Tax health care benefits
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An item the majority dose not need or want that will increase the defecit and reduce coverage for most.

Another leftest pipe dream from the Democrats!
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Corporate taxes = less jobs
Wealthy Tax Payes taxed at 200% won't raise the trillions needed
All Tax Payers so much for "Hope & Change", think 2010
VAT National Sales Tax is a regressive tax increase, think 2010!
Tax Health Care Benefits, why should prices go up for those that have?

Thanks, Nancy & Barry now get out of Washington!
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James2044 - thanks for the non-solution. Give me a solution, at least one. After all there is a social cost when 45 million uninsured people show up to a hospital and don't pay. Still not convinced that Insurance companies are giving us a fair shake.
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Top Spin, people are getting medical care in America. In spite of the lies Obama tells, we are doing fine. This is not a needed item but the goverment taking more control of our lives.
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"people are getting medical care in America"

What planet are you living on?

-child dies from lack of dental care:

-18,000 deaths from lack of health care:

-A new report by a national health-care advocacy group says one person dies each day in Colorado because they don't have health insurance.

And there are LOTS more stories out there. People in the U.S. are NOT getting medical care.
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