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Made popular 2250 days ago in Business — Job losses shrank dramatically in July and the unemployment dipped slightly, bolstering hopes that the end of the recession is near.

Non-farm payrolls fell by 247,000 in July, the Labor Department reported this morning, far fewer than many economists had anticipated and the smallest decline since August 2008. That compares to a drop in non-farm payrolls of 443,000 in June.

The unemployment rate, which is based on a separate survey of U.S. households, edged down to 9.4 percent from 9.5 percent the previous month. An alternative measure of unemployment, which includes discouraged workers and those who still want a job but have stopped looking, edged down slightly last month from 16.5 to 16.3 percent.

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Employment recovery thanks to Obama policies...
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He gets some credit but definitely not all of it. Under the final 6 months of Bush it was just going down the spiral.
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