As more U.S. troops arrive, is Afghan war worth it?
Made popular 2302 days ago in Politics — Seventy-five U.S. and NATO troops died in Afghanistan in July, the deadliest month for allied forces in nearly eight years of fighting. More than 1,000 Afghan civilians have died this year, up 24 percent from 2008.

Tens of thousands more American troops are en route, adding to the approximately 90,000 troops, both U.S. and allied, already on the ground. The U.S. military leadership likely will request more troops in the months ahead. President Barack Obama will have to make a crucial decision on the future of a conflict that has become his war.

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Is Afghanistan war worth it?
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Obama has already made the decision, Afghanistan is "Obama's War". The only question is were is the anti-war movement that voted for Obama and protested the "Bush War"?
Home with the rest of the liberals, loving Obama and his war.
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