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I want to see what you have to see about this new step by the president and his administration starting this panal to debunk these outrageous rumors and outright likes like 'Death panels'. Which today I found out not a democrat supported but actually a prominate republican did named NEWT. I think its a good move!

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Knowing that there is not 'Death Panel' proposed for the public health care option(s), do you support reform?
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You want a reality check? Section 1233 is designed to pressure people to make pull the plug decisions so the goverment can save money. That is the only reason it is in the so called reform.
America is rejecting obamacare and the Democrats leftest programs. Reid is looking at a loss in 2010 and he will not be the only Democrat staying home.
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No its not dude, actually read one of the bills! Plus, if you are not speading a total lie please, tell AMERICA which bill this actually came from! Plus, I'm in Richmond, Va and this Health care debate is looked upon by most here as "A DEBATE" and "A IDEA COLLECTING SECTION" being interrupted by people who quite frankly have been lied to and don't know it yet. Reading fack bills on the internet and listening to lies and gossip which sadly some of them want to hear.
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How is paying a doctor to discuss all options suddenly a "death panel"? That's just absurd.
When my late husband got cancer his oncologist was very informative about all the options available to us. He helped us get set up with Hospice. I was, and still am, grateful that we were thoroughly informed.
Most of us will need end of life care at some point. It just makes sense to have access to information about it. For example, in some states hospitals are not allowed to give more than a set amount of morphine to relieve pain, whereas hospice has no such restrictions. These are the kinds of things patients need to know to make informed decisions.
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