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voices.washingtonpost.com — President Obama on Saturday continued his administration's careful efforts to take credit for the slowly improving economy, using his radio address to tout the economic turnaround since world leaders met in London in April.

At the time of the G-20 summit, the world's economic situation was dire, Obama said in the radio address. The meeting in London marked "a crisis that required unprecedented international cooperation to jumpstart the world's economies and help break the downward spiral that enveloped all our nations," he said.

Next week, Obama and the same world leaders will gather in Pittsburgh for what Obama called "a five-month checkup" on the financial actions taken by their countries.

"Because of the steps taken by our nation and all nations, we can now say that we have stopped our economic freefall," the president said in the address, which is broadcast on the radio and the internet.

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Is President Obama to be credited for the economic turnaround?
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What turnaround?
Posted 2259 days ago
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Has to, he also will be credited for it if he does not succeed.
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no, if there was any turnaround since Jan. 09, it's too fast to give him credit. He himself and the dems said it would take a long time, maybe years to start seeing recovery. The right knew it would get better on it's own. It's happened before in history. Stimulus packages had nothing to do with it, especially when most of that money went to things that had nothing to do with helping boost the economy or causing major job openings.
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