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blogs.usatoday.com — Tomorrow is the five-year anniversary of Democrat Barack Obama's fiery speech against the Iraq war, and he's not going to let that go unnnoticed.

The freshman Illinois senator will deliver a foreign policy speech at DePaul University in Chicago and follow it up with foreign policy speeches in Des Moines and Coralville, Iowa. Obama supporters will also gather in 18 cities across the country to hold "Rallies to Turn the Page in Iraq."

The Iowa speeches kick off a four-day, all-Iowa, all-Iraq "Judgment and Experience Tour" during which, his campaign says, Obama will highlight "the experience and judgment he used to oppose the war before it started and his vision to restore America's security and standing in the world."

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been stressing her experience and polls show that's a major reason she's leading Obama in the Democratic nomination race.

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