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npr.org — Perhaps no other issue Congress deals with touches every American as intimately as health care. Yet a new poll by NPR, the Kaiser Family Foundation, and the Harvard School of Public Health finds that, so far, the public feels profoundly shut out of the current health overhaul debate.

"Most people don't feel that they personally have a voice in this debate," said Mollyann Brodie, director of public opinion and survey research for the Kaiser Family Foundation. "In fact, 71 percent told us that Congress was paying too little attention to what people like them were saying."

Nancy Turtenwald is one of those people. The tourist from Milwaukee was walking around the sparkling new visitor center at the U.S. Capitol Tuesday. She was quick to agree with poll findings that the lawmakers debating the massive health overhaul bill just a few blocks away weren't much interested in problems like hers.

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Who do you believe Congress is listening to, when it come to Health Care Reform?
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Congress is racist! No wait they are a Dem. body. It must be racist Repubs that aren't doing the will of the people. But the polls don't show that to be the case. Racist citizens! They are the one's behind the Obama care problems. Right? Maybe not. I know! There is a coalition of racist Dems. and Repubs. trying to thawart Obama's plans to care for us! No? Got it! There are racist extraterrestrial beings controlling the minds of all those that oppose government health care! Yeah that's it!
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Congress is starting to listen to America and the obamanation is very very upset with what they hear. America is not buying the ultra left Democratic agenda. The fact that Cap & Trade, Helat takeove is stalled supports this.
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