Nobel List: Carter, Gore, Obama . . . No
Made popular 2243 days ago in Opinion — Pity poor Bill Clinton.

He helped promote peace in Northern Ireland (although the guys directly involved won the Nobel Peace Prize). He devoted more hours to achieving a Middle East peace deal than any other U.S. president (although the effort was ultimately unsuccessful). And after he left the White House, he created the Clinton Global Initiative, which some might view as a transparent effort to win a Nobel, with its emphasis on bringing together the private sector and nongovernmental organizations to combat global problems. (The group's Web site even touts the involvement of 14 Nobel Peace Prize winners.)

But since Clinton left the presidency, three Democrats with whom he has had testy relations have all won the honor: Jimmy Carter (in 2002), Al Gore (his vice president, in 2007) and now President Obama.

Indeed, although Carter issued warm words of congratulations to Obama at 9 a.m. and Gore hailed the president's honor hours after it was announced, Clinton has been strangely silent. A spokeswoman for his office said he had made no comment but promised to e-mail a statement if one was released.

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Giving the prize to Obama doesn't mean that it couldn't be given to Clinton. It was given to Carter more than 20 years after his term in office. I hope that Clinton's work will be awarded in the future!
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I can't believe someone (Obama) can get a Nobel Peace Prize for talking crap. They should've waited at least to the end of his term.
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