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Added 2980 days ago in Opinion — Signaling an indefinite halt to executions in Texas, the state's highest criminal appeals court late Tuesday stayed the lethal injection of a 28-year-old Honduran man who was scheduled to be put to death Wednesday.

The reprieve by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals was granted a week after the United States Supreme Court agreed to consider whether a form of lethal injection constituted cruel and unusual punishment barred under the Eighth Amendment. On Thursday, the Supreme Court stepped in to halt a planned execution in Texas at the last minute, and though many legal experts interpreted that as a signal for all states to wait for a final ruling on lethal injection before any further executions, Texas officials said they planned to move ahead with more.

As a result, Tuesday's ruling by the Texas court was seen as a sign that judges in the nation's leading death penalty state were taking guidance from the Supreme Court and putting off imminent executions.

The Texas court order gave state authorities up to 30 days to explain in legal papers why the execution of the inmate, Heliberto Chi, should proceed. With responses then certain from defense lawyers, the effect of the order was to put off the execution for months, lawyers said.

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In your opinion is death by lethal injection cruel and unusual?
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Death by ANY means is cruel and unusual. The death penalty should be abolished YESTERDAY. In this day and age, the US remains among the handful of Western countries that still uses this archane punihsment. This is uncivilized.
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Totally agree...abolish the death penalty!
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