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lvrj.com — Lowden, Tarkanian tied atop GOP challengers

Nevadans say they're ready to replace longtime Democratic incumbent Sen. Harry Reid with an untested Republican.

Which Republican? Undecided.

But of their top two picks - former GOP party official Sue Lowden and real estate developer Danny Tarkanian - either one would unseat Reid if the election were held today, according to a poll commissioned by the Review-Journal.

Lowden and Tarkanian are in a statistical tie atop a list of nine primary candidates, according to the survey of Nevada registered voters.

The poll by Washington, D.C.-based Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. shows 23 percent of Republicans favored Lowden to 21 percent for Tarkanian with 44 percent undecided.

"That's a lot of voters sitting on the fence," said Brad Coker, Mason-Dixon managing partner.

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Is Sen. Harry Reid finished?
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Probably Senator Reid could improve his poll numbers by supporting positions on immigration reform that are actually popular with Democratic voters. For instance, reducing unemployment by implementing E-verify, ending chain migration and the immigration visa lottery, reducing the 1.5 million number of new foreign temporary workers entering the work force each year as new hires and funding aggressive immigration enforcement might be a good start.
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