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Made popular 2220 days ago in Politics — One year from today, U.S. voters will head to the polls to elect all 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Gallup measures voting intentions in midterm elections using the generic congressional ballot, which has proven an accurate predictor of the eventual vote in midterm elections.

Gallup's most recent test of the 2010 elections, from an Oct. 1-4 poll, showed 46% of registered voters saying they would support the Democratic candidate in their local district if the election were held today, compared to 44% who would vote for the Republican candidate. That was a slightly better showing for Republicans than Gallup's prior test in July, which had Democrats up by 50% to 44%.

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One year into Obama's presidency, how would you vote today?
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what happened to the 1,000 year domination by the democrats? It seems that it didn't last a full year.
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It's surprising how quickly people forget...forget how things were under Bush for example. Tell me james, what did Bush Jr accomplish? World peace or better ties with his neighbors? A more prosperous economic situation? Social justice&equality?
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