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Made popular 2197 days ago in Opinion — Nearly two years into the recession, opinion about which political party is responsible for the severe economic downturn is shifting, according to a new national poll.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Friday morning indicates that 38 percent of the public blames Republicans for the country's current economic problems. In May, 53 percent blamed the GOP.

According to the poll, 27 percent now blame the Democrats for the recession, up 6 points from May, and 27 percent now say both parties are responsible.

"The bad news for the Democrats is that the number of Americans who hold the GOP exclusively responsible for the recession has been steadily falling by about two to three points per month," said Keating Holland, CNN polling director. "At that rate, only a handful of voters will blame the economy on the Republicans by the time next year's midterm elections roll around.."

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Which Party do you blame for this economic recession?
I'm a Republican, I blame the Democrats
I'm a Republican, I blame the Republicans
I'm an Independent, I blame the Democrats
I'm an Independent, I blame the Republicans
I'm a Democrat, I blame the Democrats
I'm a Democrat, I blame the Republicans
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Posted 2197 days ago
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Bill Clinton created this problem... He signed into law the Gramm - Leach - Bliley act.
Posted 2197 days ago
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So much for the "It's all Bush's fault!" school of thinking. You can fool all of the people some of the time and for the democrats that time has passed.
Posted 2193 days ago
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I am a democrat and I blame both parties and was disappointed that whoever created this poll left out the one answer that was the true answer.

It started with Bush I when he shipped all our agriculture and manufacturing overseas, and then Clinton with the Gramm leach act, and then Bush II when he accommodated and did not correct either of those problems and let the neocons run the white house, and finally Obama when he continued with the bankers, this TIME OUT FRONT WHERE THEY CAN BE SEEN. Before they were in the closet. NO MORE CFR CONTROLLED CANDIDATES and if Palin has any on her staff, she is out too.

I will vote third party next time.
Posted 2193 days ago
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I forgot to mention that both parties had WALL STREET THIEVES RUNNING OUR FED AND TREASURY and that is where the real problem lies..... CONFLICT OF INTEREST used to be illegal.

No one from wall street should be allowed anywhere near our treasury or the fed. Now we read that they have filled our gold with tungsten and shipped it to Hong Kong pretending they were real gold bars..... WE NEED A FED AUDIT AND NOW.....
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