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thedailybeast.com — Lord Acton once wrote that in a political system's success lie the seeds of its eventual decline. Lately, it seems that President Obama's grandiose image of himself as a paragon of democratic virtue is hastening the process of democratic decay.

The Obama administration's approach to the 9/11 trials is emblematic of what you might call Obama's egalitarian faux-democracy, in which the illusion of responding to every side in a debate undercuts the democratic process of actually arriving at a decision.

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If he's failinng to govern than there is no sweeping change coming nor is there a socialist reform going on in America, now am I right or wrong about that? Thought So, you people who are against the president don't even know how to keep your logic in order. You say he's changing America against the Constitution but then again you say he isn't doing crap, C'mon. Are you people morons or just plain ignorant.
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I'm surprised that people still reference Obama in the context of governing. In fact, since 9/11 was mentioned, unlike the terrorists who flew hijacked jets into skyscrapers in New York, Obama got elected to the Oval Office to do his dirty work from there.
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Obama will destroy the Democratic party.
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Obama does not know how to govern. He is a community activist. He is surrounded by progressive radicals who dictate his actions. It is amazing that there are those who are blindly supporting Obama regardless of the fact that he has the same mindset of those such as Soros, Stern and many other anti-capitalists and radical activists..
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