Barack Obama, Social Networking
Added 2971 days ago in Politics — Which is not to say that he's the most popular candidate on social networking sites. (Start deleting those angry comments now, Ron Paul fans.) He's just the busiest soc-net bee of the lot. The first to capitalize on the strength of his Facebook groups. The first to have a profile on Eons, the MySpace for baby boomers. One of the first candidates - the other being Rudy Guiliani - to have a profile on LinkedIn, a site for professional networkers, and the first to have a LinkedIn group.

And as of Friday, he's the first candidate to have profiles on and, popular soc-nets in the black and Latino communities, and also on newer soc-nets such as (for Asian Americans) and ("GLEE" stands for "Gay, Lesbian and Everyone Else").

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Will Social Networking energize young Americans between (18 - 30), a segment traditionally with low turn out?
Yes, more effective tool that empowers
No, just replaces older mediums
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