Marching Orders: Obama to Announce New Afghanistan Strategy
Made popular 2186 days ago in Opinion — As President Obama prepares to deliver what could be the most important foreign policy address of his career, tonight Afghanistan will officially become his war and he will have to explain it to a war-weary public

The president will explain why more troops are needed to take out al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan and accelerate the U.S. exit strategy from that region, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told "Good Morning America's" Diane Sawyer today.

"We understand that al Qaeda is in Afghanistan and Pakistan plotting those attacks again. ... What the president tonight will announce is an acceleration of our taking on al Qaeda," Gibbs said. "We're committed to ensuring the safety and the security of the American people by taking on al Qaeda and its extremist allies in that very dangerous part of the world. I think the president strongly believes that tonight he will announce a strategy that will accelerate what we're doing in that region of the world and help us get out of Afghanistan."

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Is Obama's new Afghan war strategy an acceleration of U.S. exit or escalation?
Exit acceleration strategy
Long term escalation
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