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msnbc.msn.com — No sooner did Alberto Gonzales resign as attorney general last month than he retained a high-powered Washington criminal-defense lawyer to represent him in continuing inquiries by Congress and the Justice Department.

Gonzales's choice of counsel, George Terwilliger-a partner at White & Case-is ironic if not surprising. A former deputy attorney general under the first President Bush, who later helped oversee GOP lawyers in the epic Florida recount battle of 2000, Terwilliger had been a White House finalist to replace Gonzales-only to be aced out at the last minute by retired federal judge Michael Mukasey.

The former official-who did not believe such action was warranted-said that Gonzales's camp is increasingly worried that Fine might feel compelled to make such a move to avoid any suggestion that he was protecting his former boss and to reassert his independence. That would subject Gonzales to the unusual situation of being subject to a formal criminal investigation by the very department he used to head. "That is certainly one possible outcome of this," said the former official.

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Could the purpose of bringing charges against Gonzales while President Bush is in office be meant for....
Guaranteeing him a pardon
DOJ is compelled by law
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