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Added 2875 days ago in Entertainment — STANDING outside an art gallery off the Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau last Tuesday, the director Sofia Coppola was overheard whispering with friends about an exhibition of David Lynch photographs that showed women on their knees, or reclining, or revealing themselves to the camera, wearing nothing but Christian Louboutin shoes. She uttered the word "bondage" with such potency that it hung in the night's humid air, as if she had uttered something illicit.

For as much as the spring collections in Paris last week romanticized traditionally conservative notions of dress, as in those long day dresses, garden prints and nipped-waist New Look suits, something more sinister seemed to be happening beneath the surface. More precisely, it was happening on the models' feet, expressed in the design of shoes that could just as well have come from the Lynch-Louboutin exhibition, which was titled "Fetish."

Nicolas Ghesquiere of Balenciaga and Stefano Pilati of Yves Saint Laurent, for example, offered refinement in their clothes, yet paradoxically showed them worn with shoes that looked aggressively fetishistic or worse. At Balenciaga, the models' legs were caged in futuristic footwear made of metal plates laced up to the knees with braids. At Yves Saint Laurent, the soles of Mr. Pilati's needle-thin stilettos were replaced by a thin metal rod that connected the heel to the toe, leaving the most sensitive - some would say erotic - underbelly of the foot vulnerably exposed.

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