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Made popular 2946 days ago in Politics — Angered by Mukasey's Senate testimony last week in which the former federal judge and prosecutor floated a legal "theory" that the President of the United States could, indeed, stand above constitutional statutes, Dodd declared on Monday:

"That is about as basic as it gets," Dodd said. "You must obey the law. Everyone must."

Dodd, along with a slew of other legal and political observers were also dismayed when Mukasey dodged Senators' questions last week about whether or not so-called waterboarding was, in fact, a form of torture. After eluding any straight answer, Mukasey wound up making the incredulous statement that he wasn't quite sure what was meant by the term.

Over the weekend, some leading Senate Democrats ranging from Dianne Feinstein of California to Carl Levin of Michigan engaged in their own form of equivocation, warning they might vote against Mukasey if he doesn't properly clarify his views when he responds to written questions from the Senate later this week.

But Dodd's bold stepping-out on this issue, rejecting any mulligan for a nominee who refuses to call torture by its proper name, seems like it might force the hand of fellow Democrats who might start looking rather silly if they don't turn thumbs down on the newly proposed AG. Within hours of Dodd's statement, fellow candidate and Delaware Senator Joe Biden also said he had made up his mind to vote nay. Campaign spokesmen for John Edwards and Bill Richardson also joined the chorus. And by late Monday night, the campaign of Barack Obam

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In your opinion should the President of the U.S. be afforded privileges that make him stand above constitutional statues?
Yes, needed in times like this
No, never ever
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I'm now voting for Chris Dodd in the presidential primary. I will no longer vote for a Democrat that is spineless or constantly "dances on the head of a pin" or "equivocates!" And. that includes the general election. No more holding my nose at the voting booth. If you don't have spine, you're not going to get a vote of mine!
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No to Mukasey or anyone, including any Democratic presidential candidate who believes that the president is above the law. Or anyone who thinks that torture is okay. Or anyone who thinks it's okay to wiretap the American people without court authority. Period. Get rid of them all. The president is not above the law. We are a nation of laws.
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