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npr.org — It's a question that Democratic voters have been asking for a while now, a question that Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) seemed pained to raise during Tuesday night's candidate debate in Philadelphia.

After stating his view that "electability is a very critical issue," and that "we need to have a Democrat in the White House come Jan. 20, 2009," Dodd added, "Whether it's fair or not fair, the fact of the matter is that my colleague from New York, Sen. Clinton, there are 50 percent of the American public that say they're not going to vote for her. … I don't necessarily like it, but those are the facts. We as a party certainly have to take that into consideration." For good measure, he then went on to say, "We need to elect a Democrat — a Democrat that's electable and a Democrat that can bring the country together." In other words: Not Hillary Clinton.

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Is Hillary Clinton Electable?
Yes, she is ahead in all national polls
No, she's too polarizing
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Absolutely this is a strategy her opponents are trying to use to undermine her Presidential bid. Poll numbers show that the country is polarized, not necessarily indicative of her. People are looking to kick out the Republican, and get an individual who policies are balanced.
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