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blog.washingtonpost.com — Barack Obama was the story heading into the Democratic debate in Philadelphia two weeks ago. Would he take on Hillary Clinton or not? Coming out of the debate, the spotlight was on Hillary Clinton and her poor performance.

As Democrats prepare for Thursday night's debate in Las Vegas, the focus is still on Clinton. Can she recover and prove what happened in Philadelphia was an aberration - or might there truly be a contest for the Democratic nomination once the curtain falls in Nevada?

Clinton's campaign appears ready for a rough night in Las Vegas. Asked what she expected, a senior campaign official said early Thursday, "Heavy attacks. I think both Obama and Edwards are coming loaded for bear." Asked whether she is ready to fire back, the official emailed not-so-cryptically, "Stay tuned."

Will tonight provide the occasion for her to turn up the heat on Obama and Edwards? And if she does, will the Democratic race look different on Friday than it does today?

Clinton doubtless have plenty of material to undercut anyone who challengers her. But Clinton's double challenge is to counter attacks without appearing angry or defensive.

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Is Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton playing the "Under Dog" role?
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No, her campaign is in serious trouble
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